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Thankfully the company removed us “the tutorial of the true story”

“Employee list is ready, downloading is being downloaded”

It was a news that Till now, the tide of distress was run everywhere, maybe I could get finished, maybe I could survive, everywhere was worthless …

After three days this list was advertised, sixty-six employees were graduated …

The company had the same answer that the download size was inevitable, Lay Off is our compulsion. There were such employees whose term had been fifteen and fifteen years old. Hardship, honest, good intentions, but the company did not need them. The graduates made a group and met the company’s MD, but there was no audition.
The heart catches towards the homes where the house was hanging on the solid for three days …..

It seemed like someone had thrown stones in calm water, everybody was strangely silent. Again, the process of making CVs again started, advertising in the newspaper started searching, the difficulties of sending CVs and that too after the job. Then the interview started, the shooting process could not be found, but could not get amazing work. Most of the companions were in touch with each other, but the opportunities were less, the interview calls were very low and those who were in the morning would also be silent after the interview.

It was very difficult to spend a few months in the amount of savings but it was very difficult to walk for a long time.
One month passed, seven close companions were present on a tea box with hearts, you also had silence, it seemed to have been lost somewhere. I am so relieved, first of the company’s behavior and after the disappointing situation of jobs. A companion said. Yes! How long will it go, when the house sitting, the treasures are over, and we are holding everything in the hands of a little bit. The other partner proceeded. Everyone had the same topic, one had problems …

After listening to the six colleagues, seventh companions said: All of you are absolutely right, I have found a part-time solution, I have started working honey for just two hours in the evening, starting with five kg startup Packed in 100 grams of bottles, paste your labels and introduction above, tell a strange thing, sealed in a week, season of inter, just now I just went to people who know, people too my honesty Knowing, after working for two hours a week, I have five thousand net profits, which can be 20,000 months a month.During the seventh partner, the rest of the six companions were also getting rid of the brain, why not part time business, Karachi Karachi is such a big city, minimum ration operates in water, work in evening and work hard to day …..

Today, when everyone came from the tea box, he had a positive thought, he got seven again after a week, then his experiences were more about this interview than this time, it was confirmed that the hours of work should be increased, five hours in Syria …..

The next week gathered, there were stories of partial achievements, some of whom were few and some, with two unpleasant experiences, but all the counselors and teachers provided them insight. When he met next week, three had decided that all hours of interviews should be allocated on the day instead of wasting hours in interviews …..

This tea box was a month The later story of the year was that the idea of ​​jobs was also out of all, two companions who had the resources, were linked to the taxi service, had two feet in the business business. They were doing two supplies. And put a hand in a poultry business ….

The decision was the same: hard work, sincerity and honesty …..

One day, all of them decided to meet the compassionate officer of his company, Danish Sahib, but he was surprised to see all his fascinating face, and his practical stories could not be heard without hearing. Head! Indeed, the business keeps on getting low, it is less than a salary, as much as the company used to take and the amount of three months has been received in one month, now you are grateful. That company chose to shaped us, it seems to be open for us to fly for children who were tied to childhood, feelings of freedom and independence as well.

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