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How to interview the employee 8 fall for the choice of a good worker

sometimes only one employee can reach your company or company to the sky of development. Similarly, one employee can also be able to drown your firm. Organizers of Human Resources (Institutional Resources) can estimately estimate it. Her interview in the employee’s appointment is the main step. How will you really get this basic step? In this context, experts have mentioned many of the skills of the interview.

What is the first question?
Use your first few questions to get out of dispute and set the remaining part of the interview. The questions that are related to someone’s work experience, such as “I have a special day of my present job Tell about What do you like in it? What you do not like in this job. “With such questions, your candidate will begin to tell you, this is the real objective of your interview.

Better speaking, better listening,

if you are talking about more than 20% of the interviews, it means that you are not giving the opportunity to speak about yourself when the actual purpose of the interview is to respond to someone’s answers. It is based on the basis of the decision to keep this person employed. That is why you should listen to the person’s answers.

Full attention is required to

include interviews in your business engagement and give them importance as other business engagement. Give your full attention to the candidate. Therefore, reduce your essential work. Keep your phone closed for a while. Close the door Tell the people of the office that you do not want to interfere with your work at this time.

How are the FAQs?

Get rid of questions whose answers can only be given yes or not. Instead ask questions that you want to describe, so that your candidates should open their own. Listen to their answers and ask for many other questions, for example: Why do you think this is the situation? Or you How did this work? If you want more information, tell the candidate about it.

Do not hesitate to

tell the details of the work at the beginning of the interview interview for honest answers . A cheek man will hear your details and start preparing details about what you want to hear. Ask the more questions possible before telling the details of the work. Honorable answers will be found.

Ask “Slick” Questions

Everyone knows about some common questions about the interview. What position will you get after 5 years from today? What are your thoughts and tricks? Tell me about yourself. The problem with such questions is that many candidates have already considered their answers. Such questions are no longer your work. Instead you should make such difficult questions that force candidates to think.

Take more than one interview

Use the first interview to select two best three candidates. Then you can use the second step of the interview to pick the best of them. The other interviews can take people who will work together with the candidate. It is important to take the opinion of these people.

Unfortunately, do not ask the

questions about the questions you can not ask during the job interview, the law is very strict. Generally, such questions are prohibited based on the answers, you can keep the difference between a prospective employee and other employees. Such questions are irrelevant from work, for

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