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How to be given a job interview

Whenever our problems are mentioned, these include terrorism, corruption, education, reduce electricity Problems and poverty etc. are mentioned. However, on the media channel it is not mentioned that our young generation Unemployment is the biggest problem today. Overall year, graduates, master’s degree holders, engineers, Diploma holders, and Student Students graduate graduate and start job search.

This is education Well-known youth and apart from the people of our labor class, they will be able to meet you in the morning. The number of will appear in the numbers, however, because they are readable due to lack of education. Do not get jobs and do what you read and reduce opportunities for them and competition is more. However, it is a big problem that in the department, if there is “VSNN status”, then the number I’ve received \ “syllables \” and then \ “short listings \” after the phase of a small number of hopeers  The interview is called for, and which one is finalized. Most of the youth’s illusion is that after mastering the Universe, many often do not have to make their And it does not make them even more guilty because they are taught only “slabs” in our educational institutions. Yes, and the students still understand that as if they are not able to take the masters degree to universities. They will get a good job in a good organization, but when they do not work in the job After all, his situation is as if my friend happened. And just like my friend.

There are four hundred and fifty young people who face problems like this. Do you know what they are doing? Or our education system system ?? Although it is a fact that Pakistan in 69 years after becoming a member, education systems should not be implemented, such as madars, government agencies and private The slabs of the institutions are different from the other. And it’s tailored to the needs of the modern world Not configured in a manner, we should compel our students to make something new, instead of “letting” And they are being opened only for “merchants”, “the game” is being opened, the result is that Only after studying the Slabs books, our students take the first division or first position. For the interview, because of the absence of dangers, do not perform properly because of these things. There is a lack of confidence, as well as confidence in them. There are few counting organizations of the Career Council, across the country, and some of them receive heavy fees. By doing \ “guide line \”, in the situation the slave does not have to work for. Expenses will be tolerated, although some Universities and some organizations have a session regarding the Career Council It is the number one in the number of guns. And it is surprising that the student may be able to What interviews do we prepare for civil service examinations, as many as “\ Job Interviews” They are similar to non-manufacture and due to this, people fail and the failure starts. Since you were going for a job interview, you would be thinking that I would have Cafes interviewed and I did not succeed in them, but still they would be corrected or my destiny was bad.

Yes, I do not know whether this time or not, or the other I try, the job is to be found. It is recommended that you go to the interview panel and then when you appear before the “Interview Panel” There is an expression of body and “throat therapy” in the bacteria and it is strange; China and you are sad Take care of yourself, in your mind, it is frightened that the conditions of the house are worse than bad. Going to the society, people of society let me freely and joke that M. Okay after It is free, that after finishing the metabolism, wholesalers take leopards, or which work in the frytry Leaves, and family members may be isolated, small children, to meet the cost of brothers’ education, if
If the interview fails, what will happen to me, how it will be done. And because of this you are mindful and physically
As per the performance not correctly and fail, The second truth is something that some people think of unnecessary trust and understand that  I have this job, and I am the most likely for this job, the people who came to the hospital,
Whether they have been diagnosed with HIV or even more, whether they are related to this study It’s a good experience and they also need a job like you, but you start to understand it. Give me the most of this job, if you’re just asking why? So please The answer was not, just you \ “understand \” that you are the most likely to do this job, you interview Preparation should not be done correctly, then start the interview table and the palace of dreams starts becoming your mind.

Goes, expectations are more important in the brain if the job is found, your “status” in society It will be good, you will get good relations with good families, maybe vibrations give you the car and the house, and when you If you go to the interview, you would not have been prepared for answers to questions, then in these moments The question will definitely be in mind, if you do not have a job? And then this question will be yours Gives birth to more problems in mind, and after failing to interview in both the truths The statements will definitely come, “let’s say, the servant who is described is known as \” chairman. ‘ That was why he was given a job, or he would have given “\ bribe” or else he should not say that The job is just enough money, or when there is no reason, then it is said that So \ “Fate \” came to say that he succeeded and was fierce from our destiny, now we changed the fate.

Do not do it!
And then you’re going to be the “festival”, which interview you go to when you’re interviewing They should not be prepared in the way the way should be, and then when the interview begins Think how you’ll get “an interview” in the interview, it will be the case that will be our “Twenty-Five Cricket Team” Rivalry “is playing with a team, come to pressure and get rid of the original game. Psychologists are afraid because of fear and when they are more confident and weakened. The results are in front of you, whenever you work in pressure you will have the result. Remember
The interview panel does not have any interesting facts about your personal circumstances or home situations and when you wait for it Eating while giving you, Vibration always needs its own benefit, such a candidate needs to be
The fulfillment of expectations, how many companies have confidence, educated, enthusiastic, experienced and hard-working youth It should be, which not only seems to be trustworthy, talking to each other, but also in full capacity Exactly highlighted, in these cases, silent, silent, cool and cold, or different issues. I would like youngsters. And then those who fail to interview them always like that Put the rubbish on others. Why did such people fail, because of all the reasons why we are. Making the interview steps to make sure that they do not properly prepare and because of this we have our own Most of the interviews do not perform well in the interviews as well as what things are necessary to do. How to prepare job interview well, all these questions will be answered in the next column.

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