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Fifty years interviewed in ‘two years of silence’

To provide educated youth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a challenge. Elementals are going to be the general election, in which such a situation can play a role in voting.

Indian youth giant Chhattisgarh also have bright intentions and MBA degree is also reduced, only jobs. Talking to the news agency AFP, Chaudhary said, “I have done almost 50 interviews in the past one year. However I could not succeed in achieving employment. A company kept me on a job, but then he also completed many people and I reached again to the place where I started. When troubles exceeded the limits, due to self-reliance, I became a part of thousands of petitioners, who were trying their luck for five government workers. “

India is the third largest economy in Asia, but there are no statistics in the employment market. Last year, Anis million applications were submitted for thirty thousand jobs of the Indian Railways. New Delhi government has not shown much success in providing employment to educated youth. This is the reason that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vote bank can also be affected by this. This year in India, elections will be held from April-April to Anees May, while their results are announced on May May.

Narendra Modi took over as India’s Prime Minister in the year 2014, with the promise to make India stand on modern posts and to provide sure employment. During his election campaign, he promised that one million new employees will come in every month in the country. But this promise could not be fulfilled. India’s fifth percent of the population is under five years of age. Recently, the rate of domestic economic growth remained below eight percent, which is useful for new jobs. A Indian newspaper wrote in reference to a government report that the unemployment rate in the country is at its highest level since 1970.

According to Rahul Gandhi’s head of the opposition Congress party, “Narendra Modi is responsible for this disaster. Their two policies have hit India very much, in which one ‘de Montenegotiation (the government’s old currency change) is the second and the Goods and Services Tax.’

“Youth and education are two important issues,” said Professor Santosh Mahrottra, a news agency at Jawahar Lal Nehru University. The current government has failed to supply them. After such a performance, the government is not entitled to vote.

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