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Alum and student

Student’s mind is not a dumb that goes on, stay; Student is the lamp that is to teach you!

Whatever experiences they have to improve education in Pakistan, they come from outside. Here they are just falsehood. From the metric to MA, the entire educational system is made of blond, which we adopted adoption of Blochon. Almost all of our books are written by Islam and study Pakistan, all of them are written in the blues or their books written. The reason for this is that Blondes have written books written hardly, and there is no ready to work here. We are tired to find any made material and copy it paste. The academic system in the world is the BS, that is, the degree of BS, the equivalent of the masters degree. Even if the child is also mastered, he still remains inevitable. It does not change. Course course has been added very much in our educational system, whereas it is very little time compared to that, due to which the teachers are not fully educated. According to research on research, the successful business people Most readers are not written. After all, what is the reason or version of which they become so wealthy? The world’s system is under the rules. The master of the universe has given us the law. There are some rules of ambition and there are some rules of failure. Everything is going on with a proportion.

We read, go to school, go to college, go to the academy, open books, take notes made. When the good time passes, we become ignorant. This is a terrible thing. If there is a need to develop, the outside sounds will have to be closed. Outside sounds mean Engineer Bino, Dr. Bino, pilot. Just leave this for a moment, just listen to your voice. That sound will be quiet. A thousand miles journey begins with one step, but the main thing is, what is the direction of the step you have picked up, that is, your destination is something and you have taken your step in another direction. So, if you run thousands of miles, you can never reach your destination. If the direction is up, it is easy to reach. Just take a rack, remember the things, take the number … Will your life become a huge success? it will not happen. Like flowers, if they are not beautiful and fragrant, they do not have flowers. The thing that is apparent, if this type of thing is removed from the thing, then it is nothing. Similarly, there is a person in human beings and he is self-sufficient. There is a goal of everything in the world, then you also have a goal to come into the world. If you have come into the world, how is it possible that you do not need it? There is nothing without need. How can the purpose of being without existence in the Universe? The purpose of your life is to complete your life. Being a doctor, making a pilot, becoming engineer, doing job etc. It is all partial goals, that is not the purpose of complete life. In our country there are young people who need the highest success. Our country is counted in the countries of the world, which is said that the country with which this treasure is the richest country. . It’s more precious than gold. Yes, if it has any direction. If you do not make any difference in the form of a sand, then there is no such education, education. As long as you do not become able, you will fall as soon as possible. When enabled, then you will be able to raise large burden. You must read, but also try again. Also make relationships with people, worship and maintain your passion.

You start giving some things a little time. You should start improving. One student should be happy. She should not be depressed. It should be alive. Girl should be happy with you. She has a new look to talk. She walks, eat and drink. When you make these things a part of your life, then your dreams begin to begin. When dreams begin to become Life starts changing. Keep your mind focused on improving your life.

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